Mold Removal

There are thousands of types of mold in the world, many of which can be found in your home or workplace. This fungus grows everywhere—on drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, insulation, bedding, furniture, wallboard and sheetrock. When molds are bothered, their spores are released into the air. Simply breathing exposes you to the spores.

If you have allergies, you likely are extremely sensitive to molds, with symptoms like running nose, teary or itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, eczema and rash. The time you are most likely to stir up mold spores and be exposed is during the mold clean up process. That's when you need to be particularly careful. And that’s why customers like Rutgers University use vapor steam to remediate mold.

Vapor kills mold spores on contact. Just glide your vapor steam cleaner over the infected area and the mold is killed instantly. Following up with a HEPA vacuum will provide another line of defense, holding the dead spores back from release into the air.

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