Cleaning processes which utilize little or no chemicals, such as our vapor cleaning systems, will mark the new cleaning method of the millennium. Thousands of dollars in health claims will be saved. But the most important benefit is a healthier, safer working environment.

Institutions are designed with hundreds of nooks and crannies that make proper cleaning a difficult and time consuming task. Vapor cleaning cuts the usual cleaning time in half by cleaning and sanitizing in one easy step–through direct controlled, extremely high temperature water vapor under regulated pressure.

Applications include:

  • Recreation Areas: windows, glass doors, desks, fixtures, vinyl and plastic surfaces of all kinds, as well as tile and grout.
  • Food Service: prep areas, sinks, grills, knives, cutting boards, counters, seals and gaskets, refrigerators, exhaust hoods, refuse containers, tables and chairs.
  • Laundry Facilities: concrete floors, stainless steel sinks and basins.
  • Hospitals: operating room beds, wheelchairs, stretchers, massage tables, hydro tubs, IV posts, and walkers.
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