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We know that purchasing a vapor cleaning system is an important decision, and not a simple one! There is a choice of names and sizes, but also different features and prices.

Why is one vapor steam cleaner more expensive than another? Which features should I look for? How can I judge the quality of a vapor cleaning system? And, most importantly, how can I know which system is right for me? is dedicated to making shopping for a vapor steam cleaner as easy as possible, by giving extensive answering your emails promptly...and by the confidence you will certainly have in choosing, the number one choice in steam vapor cleaning systems.

Our quest for quality has made a name you can trust.

Determining which vapor cleaning system is right for you begins with understanding the differences between the types of vapor steam cleaners available on the market today. vs. The Competition

Most vapor steam cleaners from reputable manufacturers do a good job of cleaning, and nearly all offer some type of warranty. Vapor steam cleaners also come with a range of features, but don't be swayed by bells and whistles. There are only a few features that really make a difference.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. A quality vapor cleaning system features extremely high temperature water vapor, a boiler capacity of at least 1.8 liters, a full compliment of accessories, a safety cap for refilling, and a manufacturer's warranty of one year (three years on the boiler). The safety cap is worth a lot in peace of mind alone. Because of their superior construction, the vapor steam cleaners offered by can last and clean much longer than many competing systems. Don't forget that shipping is included in our price, too. When you compare value instead of merely price, comes out on top! Here are a few facts to aid you in your big decision of which vapor steam cleaner to purchase:


Vapor cleaning systems clean and sanitize by changing ordinary tap water to a low-moisture, extremely high temperature water vapor under controlled pressure. For most cleaning tasks around the home, you'll need a system like the Reliable™ Enviromate Line that has an average vapor temperature in the range of 290°-320°F.

Our high-end Ladybug line offers even more temperature and pressure to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks. And for those looking for the utmost cleaning sanitization, consider a model with the TANCS® option. The TANCS® system has been certified by Nelson Labs of Utah as the only non-chemical based disinfection process available to the public. This patented technology uses chemical-free, proprietary water treatment with nano crystals to destroy microorganisms, kill bacteria and disinfect your cleaning area thousands of times better and quicker than with the use of liquid chemical disinfectants!


All the vapor cleaning systems we offer come equipped with boilers made out of high quality stainless steel, which is sturdy, heats quickly, and resists rust.


Not all vapor steam cleaners on the market have safety caps. Our product line features a safety cap that cannot be unscrewed if there is even the smallest amount of pressure inside the boiler, thereby avoiding accidental opening or escape of steam. And, of course, all our systems have undergone the most rigorous safety tests by ETL Laboratories.

Boiler Capacity

Unless you have time to burn, stay away from any vapor steam cleaner with a small boiler capacity. A boiler capacity of 2 liters makes it possible to clean for around 1 hour without refilling.


For unlimited run-time, some advanced high-end residential systems like the Ladybug line offer a pressurized water reservoir for a continuous flow operation. There is no need to shutdown these vapor steam cleaners to refill it with water.

Vapor Regulation Control

The absence of a control to regulate the outflow of steam makes many lower priced vapor steam cleaners on the market today unsuitable for delicate work.


Some vapor steam cleaners cost less because they do not come with accessories. These "machine-only" systems should be avoided. A vapor steam cleaner purchased from comes with all the tools you need for years of happy cleaning—at a price to fit your budget.


Traditional vapor steam cleaners are not extractors. They are most effective for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces and some soft surfaces. There is no suction or recovery tank, and they require the use of a cloth to pick up the loosened dirt. If you want a vacuum to pick up the dirt, consider a system like the EnviroMate Tandem EV1, which is a dry vacuum, wet vacuum, and steam vapor cleaner all rolled into one. Vacuum steam vapor cleaners are, however, very limited in the variety of applications they're capable of cleaning. The vacuum attachment limits the variety of attachments your can use. For instance, vacuum vapor steam cleaners cannot use small detail brushes. They can only use one large brush because of the vacuum. The majority of users will have better cleaning results with a non-vacuum model, but for those specialized users the vacuum will provide better cleaning results.

Warranty Length

The length of the manufacturer's warranty is important. A longer warranty means the company feels more strongly about its products and they are therefore likely to be of higher quality. Some vapor steam cleaners only come with a 30-day warranty. These are systems to avoid. Also, our prices are competitive. If you see others advertising our vapor cleaning systems for less, you may be looking at older models or at an unauthorized dealership. The manufacturer may not honor the warranty on a system that has been purchased from an unauthorized source. So don’t be fooled by imitators.

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