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The Basics And Beyond

Learn the basics and beyond for vapor steam cleaning, what it is, how it works, where the dirt goes, and how to treat allergies.

Which Model Is Right For Me?

With the variety of vapor steam cleaners to choose from selecting the system that is right for you can be confusing. Use this section to help choose the model for your individual needs.


An in-depth guide to what our vapor steam cleaners can be used for.

Who Uses Products

Philip Morris Companies Inc.

Philip Morris Companies Inc.

The world’s leading international cigarette business with products sold in 160 countries, Phillip Morris USA uses the Super Vapor 6i to sanitize manufacturing equipment and tobacco bins.

Air National Guard

Air National Guard

Purchased through a strategic alliance with SupplyCore, the Air National Guard uses the Super Vapor 6i for aircraft interior cleaning and maintenance.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

A institutional client, Rutgers University uses a stable of Super Vapor 6is for mold remediation.

Vapor steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing almost any surface. Use this quick reference guide below to see the different uses for our systems.

C&H Sugar Company

C&H Sugar Company

C&H Sugar's products go hand-in-hand with baked sweets, chocolates and candy. To better serve its consumer, food service, and industrial customers, C&H Sugar uses the Super Vapor 6i in procedures associated with sugar manufacturing.

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