Reliable™ T630 Support

Do not operate the vapor cleaner with a damaged cord, plug, or if the steam cleaner has been dropped or damaged. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble or attempt to repair the unit on your own. Return the unit to Vapor Systems for examination, repair, or replacement.

Note: To fully utilize this troubleshooting guide please refer to your T630 Manual for a product diagram.

Problem Possible Causes Remedy

No steam is released through the steam fittings.

  1. Steam unit is not turned on.
  2. The water tank is empty.
  3. Unit is not plugged in.
  4. Generator is not fully heated.
  1. Turn steam unit onto the 2nd position.
  2. Put required amount of water into tank.
  3. Plug unit into outlet.
  4. Wait for light (3) to turn on.

Drops of water leak from the attachments.

  1. The unit is not fully heated.
  2. Condensation was created from non-use.
  1. Wait for light (3) to turn on.
  2. Let water run through system until steam comes out.
Dirty water is coming out.
  1. Scale may have built up.
  1. Follow the cleaning instructions in the T630 Manual.
Not enough steam pressure.
  1. The dial on the handle may be set too low.
  1. Turn the dial until the desired pressure is reached.