Reliable™ Steamboy

Do not operate the vapor cleaner with a damaged cord, plug, or if the steam cleaner has been dropped or damaged. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble or attempt to repair the unit on your own. Return the unit to Vapor Systems for examination, repair, or replacement.

Note: To fully utilize this troubleshooting guide please refer to your Steamboy Manual for a product diagram.

The light turns on as soon as I turn the unit on. Is this correct?

Yes, the manual says otherwise, but the light should come on immediately

How often do I change the filter?

It depends on the hardness of your water, but every 6 months is a good guideline.

I am only getting water out of the mop, not steam. What am I doing wrong?

Because there is no steam tank on the Steamboy, it produces steam by water being pumped though the heating element. The way this system works, it is best to “pulse” the trigger button on and off, instead of holding it down for too long a period.

Water is leaking from the filter.

Check to make sure the “o” ring on the underside of the filter is sitting correctly when you push the filter into the unit. Make sure the filter is pushed all the way in as far as it can go.

When I first used the mop, it turned the new pad brown.

There may be discoloration from the filter causing the pad to turn brown. Hold the trigger until the water runs clear.

Are the microfiber pads washable?

Yes, they can be hand washed or washed in a washing machine for best results.

Are replacement pads available?

Yes, please click here to puchase replacement pads as well as additional attachments for your Steamboy.

What are the extra rubber o-rings for that comes with unit?

Those are extra rubber o-rings that you can use to replace the ones in the unit when it wears.

How do I use the carpet glider?

Set the mop head in the carpet glide and push it along the carpet like you normally would when cleaning. The mop head does not fit snug on the carpet glide.

What is the warranty?

All Reliable™ brand products are backed by a limited one-year warranty.