Super Vapor 6i

Super Vapor 6i

Industrial vapor steam cleaner with continuous flow.

Hold onto your extension wands, folks. The Super Vapor 6 has been replaced by—the Super Vapor 6? Call it the new and improved version or the Super Vapor 6 on steroids, but whatever you call it, the Super Vapor 6i has arrived and it isn't just the vapor cleaner industry’s 800-pound gorilla, it's King Kong and Godzilla rolled into one.

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The choice of professionals for durability and upkeep, the Super Vapor 6i has it all, power, quality and price. Businesses of all kinds are taking advantage of this new and innovative cleaning technology. Restaurant operators use it to sanitize food preparations surfaces, such as stovetops and hoods, countertops, and cutting boards. It's great for hotel housekeepers to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and maintain guest rooms and public areas. It's perfect for hospital housekeeping staffs to clean wheelchairs, operating room beds, and stretchers, which are difficult to clean quickly and must be sanitized between each patient. It's ideal to clean up school restrooms, which many students avoid because they consider them a health threat. Contractors and other 1-800-GO-VAPOR customers like Rutgers University who know that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects use the Super Vapor 6i for mold remediation. The Air National Guard uses the Super Vapor 6i for aircraft interior cleaning and maintenance. And Philip Morris USA uses the Super Vapor 6i to clean and sanitize manufacturing equipment. The uses are endless.


The Super Vapor 6i offers the features to look for when buying a vapor cleaning system for serious home or commercial use—technology, reliability and durability. Combining exceptional cleaning and sanitizing power with compact size, the Super Vapor 6i features a 5-quart, non-pressurized water reservoir for continuous flow operation. There is no need to shutdown the Super Vapor 6i to refill it with water. Advanced design features, including a new and improved steel wire reinforced hose exclusive to 1-800-GO-VAPOR, make the Super Vapor 6i especially suitable for schools, hotels, restaurants, contract cleaning, offices and public houses, yet it remains light and compact enough for use in the home.

Superheated Water Vapor

Using a little electricity, the Super Vapor 6i heats ordinary tap water in its stainless steel boiler, creating low-moisture water vapor under controlled pressure. When the pressure reaches approximately 75 PSI, the temperature inside the boiler reaches about 300°F. Valves then control the pressure and deliver the superheated water vapor to the surface of what is to be cleaned or sanitized much the same as we control pressure at home when we water our lawns.


Easy to maintain and operate, the 1600-watt Super Vapor 6i comes with a chemical injector, which allows the introduction of detergents if desired. All internal tubing is copper with brass-threaded fittings for strength and protection against corrosion. A heavy-duty trolley and 4" soft rubber locking wheels provide stability and safety. The Super Vapor 6i is supplied complete with 13 standard accessories and brushes. Dimensions are 24" x 12" x 20" with an operating weight of 53 pounds. The power cord is 14 feet. Having a new slim design for easy use and a heavy-duty nylon cover for long-life service, the improved 12-foot Super Vapor 6i hose, available only at 1-800-GO-VAPOR, is spring-steel wire reinforced for extra strength and flexibility.


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Super Vapor 6i Attachments

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