Steam Vapor Vac

Steam Vapor Vac

Residential vapor steam cleaner/vacuum.

The all-new Steam Vapor Vac was engineered with one thing in mind: to make your household cleaning chores easier. It is the first vapor steam cleaner in its class to combine a super-efficient vacuum with a continuous vapor flow operation. Vapor is the most revolutionary, environmentally safe method of cleaning your home available on the market today. And the benefits of the Steam Vapor Vac speak for themselves.


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Sanitize and deodorize bathroom floors and accessories. Sanitize food preparation surfaces. The sky’s the limit. This powerful cleaning system changes ordinary tap water to a low-moisture, extremely high-temperature water vapor under low pressure to remove soil, grease, and built-up filth from most home surfaces while sanitizing and deodorizing without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.


Having an attractive sunshine yellow finish, the Steam Vapor Vac combines the finest features of a vapor cleaner with that of a vacuum cleaner.

Suitable for residential and light commercial use, the Steam Vapor Vac is a cleaning system of advanced technology, featuring a water filter and a continuous flow, reservoir-based, double tank operation.

Filter System

Because the filter system is water based, you don't need a bag to suck up and hold dust. Even particles so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, such as bacteria, mold spores, and dust mites living in carpets and mattresses are eliminated with ease. And you don't have to cool down the system when refilling with water thanks to a second non-pressurized tank that serves as a reservoir, known as CSS™ (Continuous Steam System).


Easy to use, the Steam Vapor Vac is elegant, compact, and ideal for cleaning the whole house. Modern and practical, with controls housed in its handle, and with an electronic control panel for constant performance display, the Steam Vapor Vac is designed for maximal health care at home and on the job. Use it to clean, deodorize and sanitize just about anything. It's ideal for treating allergies in children and adults, where it is particularly important to eliminate exposure to dust mites in the bedroom mattress and pillow.


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Steam Vapor Vac Attachments

Steam Vapor Vac Attachments

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