Steam Presses

The most advanced DIGITAL steam presses

Introduction To Steam Presses

Evenly distributed heat combined with powerful bursts of steam make our advanced steam presses incredibly versatile, providing professional results at a fraction of the cost.

Our incredible steam presses eliminate wrinkles in seconds, giving all your clothing a crisp, clean press.

Simple And Easy To Use

    Our digital steam presses are incredibly simple to use. Select the desired temperature best suited for the fabric from the digital control panel and lower the top surface to hover just above the material. Give the fabric some steam and then lower the head to initiate the pressing cycle. It’s that simple!

Digital Steam Presses

The pressing surface on the Empressa S330 is over 7 times larger than most hand held irons. Pressing with the S330 can reduce ironing time by up to 50%.

Empressa S330

The Empressa S550 is the world's largest, 34" x 11" digital steam press. It's like having a press shop in your laundry room.

Empressa S550


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