Reliable Steam Cleaners

The Revolutionary Reliable Steam Cleaner Line

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Reliable Enviromate E3

Reliable Enviromate E5

Reliable Enviromate GO E20

Reliable EnviroMate E3 →

Just $499
Shipping: FREE!

Reliable EnviroMate E5 →

Just $699
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Reliable EnviroMate GO E20 →

Just $799
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Reliable Enviromate VIVA E40
Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40 →

Just $999
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Reliable Enviromate PRO EP1000
Reliable EnviroMate PRO EP1000 →

Just $1,899
Shipping: FREE!

Reliable Enviromate Tandem EV1
Reliable EnviroMate TANDEM EV1 →

Just $1,599
Shipping: FREE!

Reliable Steam Cleaners Overview

Reliable aims to create innovative and user-friendly steam cleaning products for consumers and professionals. Whether the goal is to find a dedicated steam floor mop or an all-purpose fully accessorized steam cleaner, our “Reliable” products live up to their name. With more than 50 years of experience behind them, they're products consumers have come to confidently rely on.

Kills and controls allergens with reliable steam cleaner

Kills and controls allergens

Look around you. In that stream of golden light shining through the window are some of the most prolific allergy triggers in the home. We’re talking about the waste matter of dust mites, second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions. Using a Reliable steam cleaner regularly will remove these microscopic, sneeze-inducing pests for good.

Clean without chemicals with the enviromate e3 and e5 steam cleaners

Clean without chemicals

Reliable steam cleaners provide a means to sanitize many critical surfaces that are important to your health without using odiferous toxic germicides.

Continuous fill on reliable steam cleaners

Continuous Steam System (CSS™)

Continuous, no-wait water refill means you're never out of steam. The Enviromate E5 steam cleaner features a non-pressurized, non-heated water reservoir which allows for water to be added at any time.

EnviroMate Steam Cleaner Reviews

Incredible Product!
"I think this is one of the best products I ever bought. i bought the machine after my 3 year old spilt grape juice on my bed and carpet, staining my very expensive mattress. the steamer practically removed all the stains plus I also used it on an microsuede ottoman and on my white leather couches. it practically renovated both the couches and the ottoman."

Amazing, and exactly what I wanted.
"Most of my home has hard wood flooring. I have two large dogs and a cat. Very nice to know the floors are not only being cleaned but sanitized. All of this without out the use of expensive floor products."

Blast that gunk!
"Gunk around the edges of the toilet, tub and sink base and around the floor molding kept me from tackling the job of cleaning the bathroom. This worked and was easy and fun. It forced the gunk out so I could wipe it away with a towel. I used a lot of towels and they were dirty from the job."