MondoVap 2400 With TANCS®

  • Qualifies as a Disinfection Device for the EPA
  • Scientifically Proven to Produce Better Results than Traditional Disinfectants
  • Non-Toxic, No MSDS Requirements, Simplified Protocols
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  • Price: $3,495.00 IN STOCK


The MondoVap 2400 steam cleaner with TANCS is our 800-pound gorilla. Manufactured in Italy by the same technicians that designed the hugely successful Ladybug vapor system line—known the world over as the crème de la crème of eco-friendly home steam cleaning systems—the MondoVap 2400 heralds a new standard in the commercial cleaning industry and sets a benchmark for measuring the best non-chemical based cleaning products on the market.

Wipes Out MRSA and VRE

Unlimited Applications

Applications - Vapor Steam Cleaners

The choice of professionals for durability and upkeep, the MondoVap 2400 has it all, power, quality and price. Businesses of all kinds are taking advantage of this new and innovative cleaning technology.

Restaurant operators and supermarkets use the MondoVap 2400 to sanitize food preparations surfaces, such as stovetops and hoods, countertops and cutting boards. It's great for hotel housekeepers to thoroughly clean, deodorize and maintain guest rooms and public areas. It's perfect for hospital housekeeping staffs to clean wheelchairs, operating rooms, bed rails and gurneys, which are difficult to clean and disinfect quickly between each patient.

The MondoVap 2400 is ideal to maintain school restrooms, which many students avoid because they consider them a health threat. Contractors knowing that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects use the MondoVap 2400 for mold remediation. Airlines use the MondoVap 2400 for aircraft interiors cleaning, deodorization and sanitization. Manufacturers use the MondoVap 2400 to clean and sanitize processing equipment. The uses are endless.


The MondoVap 2400 offers the features to look for when buying a steam vapor sanitation system for rigorous commercial use—technology, reliability and durability. Combining exceptional cleaning and sanitizing power with compact size, the MondoVap 2400 features a 3.5-quart, non-pressurized water reservoir for non-stop operation. There is no need to shutdown the MondoVap 2400 to refill it with water. Advanced design features make the MondoVap 2400 especially suitable for schools, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, casinos, contract cleaning, offices and public houses, yet it remains light and compact for easy transport and tool management.

VaporJet PC 2400


TANCS, or Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, is a factory-installed internal component that modifies the crystal structure of the naturally occurring minerals in ordinary tap water to aid in the rapid destruction of microorganisms over a very broad range of pathogens.

When the MondoVap 2400 is turned on, the water and minerals pass through the boiler, where the heat converts the water to superheated steam. Before the steam exits the boiler, the crystal structure of the decomposing minerals is modified, allowing the steam to carry these ‘energized crystals’ to the surface of what is being cleaned. The result is a process that destroys microorganisms almost instantly while inhibiting the growth of new biofilm, or microorganism colonies, as the change in crystal structure combined with the high temperature superheated steam leaves no place for biofilms to attach.


Easy to maintain and operate, the 100% environmentally safe MondoVap 2400 with TANCS is certified by Nelson Labs of Utah to disinfect thousands of time better than most chemicals. This powerful heavy-duty steam cleaner is ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, food manufacturers, factories, nursing home, hospitals, casinos and other commercial applications. The MondoVap 2400 has the capacity to produce high volumes of high temperature ‘dry’ steam on a sustainable basis and provides the means to clean, sanitize and disinfect nearly any surface—including walls, floors and equipment—without chemicals. Because no residues are left behind to attract new dirt, whatever is cleaned stays clean longer. Plus, unlike repeated exposure to abrasive chemical cleaners, the MondoVap 2400 preserves and prolongs the life of expensive equipment preventing surface degradation.

Getting the MondoVap 2400 around a job is easy. It’s lightweight and comes with a handy, 3-shelf, non-rust service cart. So there is nothing heavy to lift or transport. Functional pressure levels provide steam temperatures of 325°F within the boiler and produces sustainable surface temperatures that may exceed 220°F. An ergonomic hose handle reduces hand fatigue and offers fingertip controls for adjusting steam volume levels of off, low, medium and high. Switching is accomplished through safe ultra-low-voltage power. A color-coded pressure gauge is provided on the control panel for easy viewing and getting the most effective steam from your system. Cleaning personnel using the MondoVap 2400, in addition to sparing their lungs from toxic chemical fumes, will spend less time squatting, stooping and scrubbing on their hands and knees—which helps increase productivity and reduce workman's comp claims.

Limited Warranty

3-year warranty on all parts & accessories against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions in the limited warranty. 8-year boiler warranty.

If you have any questions regarding these warranties, please Contact Us.


  • Self-monitoring ‘dry’ steam generator with continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Swivel wheels
  • Fingertip controls
  • Flexible hose with volume control
  • Low water light plus audible signal
  • Splash-proof design
  • 10 ft. steam hose
  • TANCS standard
  • Service cart standard
  • Made in Italy to AVT specifications


  • Electrical 110V/120V
  • Boiler capacity 1.7 liters
  • Reservoir capacity 3.5 liters
  • Operating pressure 60 psi
  • Wattage 1500/1740W
  • Power cord reach 40 feet
  • Boiler temperature 325°F
  • Power consumption 12.5 amps
  • Tank construction Stainless steel 18/10
  • ETL Listed to UL Std 499 and CSA Std 22.5
  • Dimensions 10.75"H x 12"W x 16"D (base unit)
  • Weight - net 15 lbs

What's Included?

  • Call: 1-800-GO-VAPOR
  • Price: $3,495.00 IN STOCK

VaporJet PC 2400 Attachments

Standard attachments and service supplied with the MondoVap 2400:

User guide, extended length flexible hose assembly, non-rust utility service cart, portable tool tote, supply bag, 25-foot heavy-duty extension cord, cotton towels, three extension handles, 2 steam nozzles, turbo nozzle, hydrobroom, large rectangular brush, window cleaning tool with two blades, articulated triangular brush, 5 30-mm nylon nozzle brushes, 38-mm round nylon nozzle brush, 5 30-mm brass nozzle brushes, 38-mm brass nozzle brush, 5 30-mm stainless steel nozzle brushes, 38-mm stainless steel nozzle brush, 60-mm round nozzle brush, 6 stainless steel pads, filler pad set, system set up, on-sight in-service training and delivery.

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