Ladybug 2200S Vapor Steam Cleaner

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Ladybug 2200S & Free Accessory Kit

Make cleaning effortless and protect your family and the environment with a Ladybug steam vapor system.

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The Ladybug 2200S is considered state of the art in cleaning ability, functionality and design. Similar to the Ladybug 2150 with a continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir, the Ladybug 2200S sports a pressure gauge for monitoring steam levels and offers the TANCS option of the highest level of EPA certified disinfecting.

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New research suggests that cleaning your home with conventional household products can significantly increase your risk of cancer. In fact, after cleaning your home, the air inside can be up to five times more polluted than air outside. That’s why women who stay at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer.

To minimize your risk, consider the Ladybug 2200S. Unlike other cleaning methods, the Ladybug 2200S only uses a little water and a little electricity to clean and sanitize just about any surface—without toxic chemicals. Plus, the Ladybug 2200S will not degrade the surface of what is being cleaned, and whatever is cleaned will stay clean longer because there are no residues left behind to attract new dirt. Your home will look cleaner, smell cleaner and feel cleaner. Contact us today and experience firsthand the excellence of the Ladybug 2200S!

Easy To Use

The Ladybug 2200S is very easy to use. You can regulate steam levels using a control that is operated with your fingertips and a continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir (second tank) lets you add water anytime without having to cool the unit down. So the Ladybug 2200S is always ready to use!

Ladybug 2200S Attachments - Best Home Steam Cleaners


The Ladybug 2200S will deep clean and sanitize almost any surface in your home or apartment—using plain old tap water and no elbow grease.

The Ladybug 2200S will not degrade the surface or wash out the colors of what is being cleaned. Because very little water is used, whatever you clean dries almost instantly, which makes the Ladybug 2200S ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces that can be harmed when exposed to water and steam. Even cracks and crevices chemical cleaning solutions cannot reach will be cleaned and sanitized.

The Ladybug 2200S can effectively be used to remove mold, mildew and other potential allergens in your home. The Ladybug 2200S with the optional Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS) system guarantees the highest level of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified disinfecting.

LadyBug 2200S Steam Vapor Cleaner

Clean your hardwood, laminate and tile floors without chemicals!

TANCS® Option

The TANCS® system has been certified by Nelson Labs of Utah as the only non-chemical based disinfection process available to the public. This patented technology uses chemical-free, proprietary water treatment with nano crystals to destroy microorganisms, kill bacteria and disinfect your cleaning area thousands of times better and quicker than with the use of liquid chemical disinfectants!

Not only does the Ladybug 2200S with TANCS® qualify as an EPA disinfection device, but the TANCS® option reduces water consumption, prolongs the life of the boiler, shortens the drying time and eliminates odors.

If you choose the TANCS® option for your Ladybug 2200S you'll add an additional five years to your boiler warranty! TANCS® also prevents scale buildup in the boiler due to changes imparted to the minerals in the above process. No scaling maintains the heating efficiency within the boiler and extends the life of the system.

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  • Self-monitoring "dry" steam generator with continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Swivel Wheels
  • Fingertip controls
  • Flexible hose with volume control
  • 13 standard accessories included
  • Low water light plus audible signal
  • Splash-proof design
  • 6.7 ft. steam hose
  • Pressure gauge for maximum efficiency
  • TANCS® system option
  • Made in Italy


  • Electrical 110V/120V
  • Boiler capacity 1.7 liters
  • Reservoir capacity 1.4 liters
  • Operating pressure 60 p.s.i.
  • Wattage 1500W
  • Boiler temperature 290ºF
  • Power consumption 12 amps
  • Tank construction Stainless steel 18/10
  • Electrical approval ETL
  • Dimensions 10.75"H x 12"W x 16"D
  • Weight - net 15 lbs

Unlimited Applications

The Ladybug 2200S kills dust mites on contact, removes allergens, kills bacteria, and removes mold and mildew. It is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing tile floors, grout, kitchens and bathrooms, children's toys, workout rooms, auto interiors, scatter rugs, pet areas, and much more. It even gently removes wrinkles from clothing.

Offering the technology of our more expensive Ladybug models, the Ladybug 2200S is a compact unit at an affordable price. The Ladybug 2200S is extremely user-friendly, can easily be carried up and down stairs, and includes especially designed attachments and accessories for the home.

Fewer Supplies; More Savings For You

With the Ladybug 2200S you'll never again need sponges, mops, buckets, paper towels or toxic cleaning solutions. And forget the days of wearing sweaty rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Purchasing a Ladybug 2200S is the only product you will ever need for all your cleaning jobs—big and small. The savings of not buying supermarket cleaning supplies will more than pay for the price of a Ladybug 2200S.

Limited 1-Year Warranty, 3-Year Boiler Warranty

1-year warranty on all parts & accessories against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions in the limited warranty. 3-year boiler warranty. Models with TANCS® have a lifetime boiler warranty.

If you have any questions regarding these warranties, please Contact Us.

What's In The Box?

Ladybug 2200S Attachments - Best Home Steam Cleaners

The standard attachments that are supplied with the Ladybug 2200S:

Instructional video DVD and printed manual, flexible hose, steam nozzle, large triangle brush, window cleaning tool with 2 blades, large rectangular brush, 2 extension wands, small and medium nylon brushes for tile and grout, boiler drain tool, crevice scraper tool, funnel, towel cloth.

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