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REVOLUTIONARY home steam irons

Italian-made Steam Irons For Your Home

We understand that the quality of an ironing system is only as good as what is inside it. No matter how pretty it looks. That's why we're proud to offer the Digital Velocity V95 and the IronMaven J490A. Our Italian-made home steam irons can do the same job as a professional at a fraction of the cost. It’s like having a professional cleaner right in your home.

Professional Results

    Sending your cherished clothes to most dry-cleaners often gives you average results: shine, shrunken collars and broken buttons. Doing it yourself at home with our pressurized steam irons and specialty ironing tables will give you professional quality results.

    Whether it’s your favourite gingham shirt or that custom silk blouse from a trip abroad, your clothes will look better and last longer, without the added cost.

Home Steam Irons

The Digital Velocity V95 is a revolutionary and patented technology. Velocity incorporates an internal steam generator that produces more continuous steam than conventional irons. This guarantees a professional finish to your garments.

Digital Velocity V95 Steam Iron

The IronMaven J490A allows you to get professionally ironed clothes at a fraction of the professional cost. It's like having a professional cleaner right in yor home.

IronMaven J490A Steam Iron

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