Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40

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  • CSS™ Continuous Steam System
  • Non-Toxic
  • Free 7-Piece Bonus Accessory Kit

With the GO E20 being the entry-level vapor steam cleaner of Reliable’s EnviroMate series, the VIVA E40 is the next step up. The perfect blend of power and affordability, the VIVA E40 has everything that separates Reliable from the pack—combining the cleaning power of the GO E20 with the unlimited run-time of Reliable's exclusive CSS™ (Continuous Steam System) technology.


The Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40 kills dust mites and bed bugs on contact, removes allergens, kills bacteria, and removes mold and mildew. It is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing tile floors, grout, kitchens and bathrooms, children's toys, workout rooms, auto interiors, scatter rugs, pet areas and much more. It even gently removes wrinkles from clothing.

EnviroMate Steam Cleaner

CSS™ Continuous Steam System

Not all Reliable steam cleaners are created equal. The Reliable VIVA E40 is equipped with a non-pressurized reservoir where you can add water at any time. You never have to stop cleaning with a VIVA because the CSS™ Continuous Steam System is continually pumping water into the boiler. Some less expensive Reliable models require that you add water directly into the boiler. With these non-continuous steam cleaners you must wait at least 20 minutes for the system to cool down before unfastening the boiler cap.

Everything a vapor steam cleaner in its price range should offer and more

A 1,700-watt motor powers this exceptional Reliable vapor steam cleaner. Reliable’s CSS™ Continuous Steam System technology is standard so you never need to cool the system down to add water. The easy-to-use Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40 is light in weight and has everything a vapor steam cleaner in its price range should offer and more. The affordable VIVA sports a sturdy 18/10 stainless steel boiler, which maintains a temperature of 320°F and produces water pressure to 72 PSI for superb cleaning performance. The front two wheels swivel 360 degrees for easy maneuverability. A 14-piece accessories kit combined with a 7-piece bonus accessory kit valued at $100 makes the VIVA your best value in a high-quality steam cleaner for first-time buyers or people wanting a second steamer.


The Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40 vapor steam cleaner is a versatile workhorse, suited for larger homes where continuous steam is required. It is operated by a 1,700-watt motor with fingertip controls for varying pressure. For anyone with bed bugs, the VIVA kills the chemical-resistant insects and the eggs they leave behind with ease. Weighing in at less than 13 pounds, this classy, versatile steam cleaner works perfectly for all surfaces. Use it to clean hardwood floors or upholstery, or kitchen appliances and bathroom tile. The VIVA comes with a number of useful attachments for cleaning in cracks and crevices chemical cleaning solutions can’t reach. A 7-foot hose lets you reach out of the way spots and a 16-foot power cord gives you plenty of maneuverability. Generating adjustable pressure up to 72 PSI and a tip temperature of 245°F, and featuring a quick 10-minue heat up time, a pressure gauge, an ergonomic handle and a durable ABS plastic body that is scratch resistant, this revolutionary steamer ships fast, free and ready to use. And because Reliable’s CSS™ Continuous Steam is standard, you’ll never have to stop cleaning to cool the system down before adding water.

Limited Warranty

1-year warranty on all parts & accessories against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions in the limited warranty. 5-year boiler & shell warranty.


  • Stainless steel boiler
  • CSS™ Continuous Steam System
  • Swivel wheels
  • Fingertip controls
  • Flexible 7.2’ hose with volume control
  • 14 standard accessories included
  • 16.3’ electrical cord
  • Made in Italy


  • Electrical: 110V/120V
  • Boiler & water capacity: 8.45 cups
  • Operating pressure: 72.5 PSI
  • Wattage: 1700W
  • Boiler temperature: 320°F
  • Tip temperature: 245°F
  • Net weight: 12.8 lbs
  • Cool down time: 20 minutes
  • Product dimensions: 14" x 19" x 12"

What's In The Box?

Standard attachments supplied with the Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40:

Flexible hose with gun handle, 2 extension handles, rectangular floor brush, triangular upholstery brush, carpet sole plate, squeegee, 30mm nylon and brass brushes, angle adapter, 2 cloths and funnel.

Bonus attachments supplied with the Reliable EnviroMate VIVA E40:

Grey angle adapter, extra extension handle, 1 large 60mm red nylon brush, 1 large 60mm black nylon brush, 2 small nylon brushes, 1 small stainless steel brush.

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Enviromate VIVA E40 Attachments

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From time to time we have refurbished Reliable Enviromate VIVA E40s in stock. Call 1-800-GO-VAPOR for pricing and availability.